Why Your Law Firm Should Have a Facebook Page

It seems like people young and old are using Facebook, and every business - including law firms - should be taking advantage of this powerful marketing tool.

As Facebook has gained popularity in a short time period, it has become a formidable way to build an online presence. It appeals to younger users because it allows them an easy way to stay in touch with friends, but it has also attracted professionals and potential customers. Because of this, a wide spectrum of businesses are using the platform to attract new business and increase brand recognition. Facebook also has an advertising platform that allows you to attract potential clients with short, keyword-rich ads that are similar to those on Google and Bing. Studies have shown that the average user spends more than six hours a month on Facebook, so there a golden opportunity to connect with potential clients.

As Facebook has morphed into a valuable marketing tool for businesses, that also holds true for law firms who can utilize another touch-point with existing and potential clients. Here are a few ways to increase your web exposure through Facebook:

  • Search engines can play a powerful role in increasing the popularity of your firm’s Facebook page. Once launched, it could show up prominently on search engine results pages for your business because Facebook shows the lists of pages on the individual user’s public search listings. So whenever a user “likes” your firm’s Facebook page it will instantly add another link back to that business page. This could result in the dramatic improvement of the search ranking of your site.
  • Launch of your firm’s page can add an additional way to communicate with your potential clients to tell them about your practice and the services you offer. Comments from your group members about your legal service will open a positive dialogue, and engage potential clients. Facebook offers customized applications, which could include things like “join our mailing list.”
  • The personal communication created by feedback on your firm’s Facebook page can be priceless. You can see what your clients are thinking, which in turn allows you to resolve your customer issues while providing valuable insight into what people think of your services. This information will support your market research efforts and enable you to improve your customer service.
  • Facebook business pages will work as an addition to your online business activities, and it can also be a less-formal extension to your firm’s website. The Facebook page will successfully increase the number of clients to your firm’s website and with numerous uses and links back to your regular website, Facebook will become yet another way your potential clients can hire your firm.
  • An average Facebook user has 130 friends in their network, therefore if one of them “likes” your Facebook page, there is the clear possibility for all 130 of their friends to see that, providing your firm with additional valuable exposure. You probably need an advanced math degree to calculate the full reach of Facebook!
  • A large community of “Fans” will automatically support your business by enhancing its credibility and it will also legitimize your business.

Facebook offers law firms with the chance to show a different, less “buttoned-up” side than with what is conventionally shown on their legal website. You can also post photos and videos of staff functions, or an attorney’s television or court appearance on your page to show your softer image by giving potential clients an insight into the firm.

So let’s review: By having a Facebook page for your law firm’s website can reach potential customers, is completely customized and branded. Facebook is a powerful marketing tool as your website itself… and it’s free!

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