Casting a Green Screen Video

Casting a green screen video is no easy task. It takes a lot of hard work from a talented group of professionals to make it happen!

We have been asked by friends and colleagues: what goes into casting an effective green screen video? So, for our latest video for New Gods, we decided to take notes along the way and let our readers go behind the scenes.

With any of our projects, the first step is to do extensive research on the client and their project so we can clearly portray the message and purpose of the video. With New Gods, this meant accurately communicating the director’s vision to the talent.

Next, we created the audition logistics, a list of specific tasks we needed to complete in preparation for audition day. Working with Barbette Hunter, an experienced talent coordinator, was paramount to the success of this video.

At this point, it was time to create a press release announcing the audition. With Barbette’s input, our team utilized several avenues to inform potential talent of the project, including

  • Emailing 250 actors;
  • Uploading information to several casting call websites; and
  • Tagging the press release on and

In the days leading up to the audition, we emailed interested actors the script and posted all of their head shots to Flickr and resumes to our online file storage server. This allowed the production crew to easily access information on potential talent.

After much excitement and hard work, audition day finally arrived. By following our carefully thought-out schedule, our team was able to accomplish all tasks in one afternoon. The professionals at TheeDesign made sure the producer and director had copies of the actors’ head shots and resumes, ensuring that the audition went as smoothly as possible – ­­allowing us to find the perfect talent for the video.

Creating a compelling green screen video is no easy task, but the experts at TheeDesign have the experience and equipment to handle everything you need – from casting to post-production. Find out more about our video production services and set up a free consultation at our Raleigh office or just call 919.341.8901!