Live Webinar: Myth Busting Your SEO on Your WordPress Website by Jeff

You already know this… Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO, is a methodology digital marketers use to help your website appear in search engines such as Google and Bing. So that you get the most relevant visitors to your site. Of course you know this. What you really want to know are practical technical, content, competitor and keyword strategies and applications that will turn your rankings into a solid annuity for future traffic, conversion and revenue. Whooo… that was a lot….but so is SEO. Let’s spend an hour together where TheeDigital’s strategists will break it down for you.

Worldwide domination of page 1 of Google? Every time a prospect is looking for your solution, they find your site? Your competitors are buried on page 50 because of your SEO work?

If you are answering no to any of these questions and you run a WordPress website, then you should join our WordPress SEO training webinar. We will not promise any of these things happening overnight (unlike some people). SEO takes strategy, rigor, practical application and time. Today is the day to start. Join us and bring your SEO roadblocks to the table.

If you need more time with our strategists after participating in the webinar, they will be happy to schedule a one on one with you.

You will learn strategies like:

– Keyword research methodologies to prioritize your content creation
– Technical must-haves to make search engines thrilled with your WordPress website
– Competitive understanding – what topics does your competition own and how to determine the investment it would take to unseat them
– How can I know what people are really searching for?
– How to do link building in 2020
– Any other SEO questions you might have from the basic to the advanced


Category: SEO, WordPress

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