Live Webinar: How to Make Your Website ADA Compliant to Lower the Chance of Lawsuits

Does Every Website Need to Be ADA Compliant / Accessible in 2021? Are you at risk of getting sued? The number of accessibility lawsuits is exponentially increasing year by year.

And these numbers do not include the tens of thousands of demand letters that were sent, or out of court settlements that were made.

In October 2019 the Supreme Court also made it clear (by refusing to hear a lower court ruling favoring a blind person who couldn’t use a website) that the Americans with Disabilities Act applies to websites as much as it does any physical place. This decision — or lack of one — is sure to cause the number of Website ADA lawsuits to rise dramatically in 2021.

In our live webinar, we’ll go over what makes a website at risk for an ADA lawsuit and what you can do about it.

Join TheeDigital’s ADA compliance strategists and developers for a fun, lively, and LIVE experience where YOU get to submit or bring your questions to the session.

No topic or question is too small or large for our experts to weigh in and give you some new perspective. We have helped companies go from 0 to 100 just by answering questions in real-time during these sessions.

If your issue is more complex than time allows, our ADA compliance strategists would be happy to schedule an additional one on one time with you. Take advantage of this LIVE and INTERACTIVE webinar opportunity.


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